Brandi is a southern belle who now calls Vegas home. She’s full of southern charm and hospitality.

Her voice will melt the coldest of hearts and her easygoing manner relaxes the anxious. 

About Brandi

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 122lbs

Measurements: 34D-26-336

Background: Caucasian

Hobbies: Cooking, swimming, boating, comedy shows

“A day in the sun is a day well spent!”

Favorite Movie / TV Show: American Pie



Rocking Body

Looking hot in a swimsuit is the key to having a good time on the boat!

Brandi is a boating babe who can often be found on the lake or the river showing off her amazing body. Be sure to bring the oil!

Pillow Fight!

Have you ever wanted to have a pillow fight with an amazingly sexy woman? Brandi is the reigning Vegas Valley Pillowfighting champion, so you better bring your A-game!

Pool Party Playmate

If you’re hitting a pool party or nightclub, why not show up with the hottest girl in the place! Instant status points!

Brandi loves a good time, so just let her know the occasion so she can pick out the perfect outfit.

Umm why are you still reading this?

Pick up the phone, and call, Brandi is waiting. The longer you wait, the greater the chances are she will book up for the night!