Jordan’s smile never disappoints and her lavacious looks will keep you mesmerized.

Hailing from the Middle East and Europe, Jordan loves to vist historical sites, art exhibits, and of course a good metropolitan hot spot for a good party.



About Jordan

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 132lbs

Measurements: 36DD-30-348

Background: Arabic & European

Hobbies: Art, Travel, Exotic Cars, Soccer

“I love talking to everyone, especially if I can make them smile!”

Favorite Movie / TV Show: The Wire

Favorite Las Vegas attraction: O by Cirque du Soleil



All the Right Curves!

Keeping my skin silky smooth and my body healthy gives me the greatest joy in the world!

Jordan takes equisite care of her flawless skin and takes pride in living healthy with meditation, exercise, and diet.

Don’t Waste a Minute!

Life is short and You Only Live Once! Jordan is sitting by her phone, waiting to meet you. If you don’t reach out, who knows what amazing experiences you could miss out on?