Leah’s exotic looks and sultry eyes command attention from across the room.

Get lost in a night of revelry while replenishing your life force.

Live, Love, Laugh, Leah.

Get ready for the night of your life, Leah knows the way.


About Leah

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 122lbs

Measurements: 34DD-24-36

Background: Exotic Mix

Hobbies: Soccer, Exploring, Yoga, Cooking

“I love to watch Euro futball, the passion of the fans is so moving and the game is like a form of active poetry.”

Favorite Movie / TV Show: Narcos (America)

Favorite Attraction in Las Vegas: The Chanedlier



Total Perfection

I used to be so shy and definitely wasn’t the prettiest girl in school. I decided to get fit and eat right and now I’m happy, confident woman. I love my life!

Leah takes her craft seriously. She loves to cook & ensures only the best ingredients make it into her signature dishes. Leah knows that what she puts into her body matters, and it shows.

Glowing, smooth, radiant skin, and her eyes sparkle like the finest gems. Leah’s lustrous hair flows down to her lower back, another result of living healthy.

Fun on the Run

Leah loves to meet new people and make new friends. Leah also loves to listen when you need a confidante. So give her a call and she can help you unwind.

Need a girl with some discretion with whom you can share your secrets? Leah listens, but can keep your secret safe.

Cosmopolitain Girl

Leah loves to show off her knowledge of Las Vegas and the world.

An experienced traveler, Leah knows the best spot in town to grab a late-night slice of NY style pizza, but don’t be surprised if she regales you with stories of fishing for brown trout in Spain.

 She wants to hear your stories as well. And if you don’t have any you feel are worthy of sharing, now is the time to start. Pick up the phone and call Leah, and let the adventure begin!


You’re Blowing It…

Every second you fail to take action, the odds of another guy beating you to the punch and booking the company of the Lovely Leah increase.

Do your self a favor. Live a little. Pick up the phone. Call. Make a memory. Don’t over analyze it. Just Call.