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Considering Becoming an Escort? Vital Information to Making the Correct Decision

If you’ve ever found yourself daydreaming about the exotic lifestyle of an elite escort, what has stopped you from taking the next step?

Most likely, the number of unkowns keep you from proceeding.

We’ll cover the major considerations and give you a fair and detailed analysis that will help you see if this career is right for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the perks and lifestyle that come with the profession
  • Unforseen costs and obiligations often surprise new escorts. Plan for these when making your decision.
  • Good agencies can help offload a lot of the costs and stress, as well as provide security and a peer group
  • Prioritize your safety. No amount of money is worth experiencing a traumatic experience
  • You need to have a few things in place before starting like reliable transportation, clothing, and accessories
  • Take stock of your personality and mental health to ensure this a good fit for you
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Perks and Lifestyle

Successful escorts enjoy many perks in their profession. These include:

  • Comped luxury travel
  • Lavish client gifts
  • Luxury dining and entertainment
  • Meeting influential and diverse people
  • Flexible schedling
  • A feeling of entrepreneurship
  • Earn a high income

If you have the look and the personality, as an escort, the world is at your feet, if you do it right. Many pitfalls and unforeseen headaches can be avoided if you’re prepared.

For Lifestyle or the Money?

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High end escorts can earn hefty sums if they treat escorting as a profession.

With top clients you can expect to earn serveral hundred to several thousands of dollars per booking.

    Perhaps you fancy upscale dining and traveling to exotic locations around the globe? As a professional escort, you’ll enjoy these perks regularly, all on the clients tab.

    Just know that once you step into the world of comanionship for hire, it’s hard to go back to your old job and old tastes. The lifestyle and money changes your perception of what is possible and what you want from life.


    Setup for Success

    As a new escort, gaining high quality clients and a good rate presents a lot of challenges. That’s why many of the top escorts in Las Vegas join an agency to start off their career.

    The agency will take care of the following problems that take up a lot of time as an independent escort:

    • Marketing to reach new clients
    • Answering incoming calls and customer questions
    • Screening new clients
    • Acting as a safety check during each visit
    • Licensing and business structure to stay legal and tax compliant
    • Peer group to share your experience


    Many new escorts under estimate how difficult and expensive it is to market their services. You need phone lines,  a website, profile creation and management, to name a few. Throwing up a few selfies on the free classified sites will not get you the type of clientele desired, and the major escort directories require ongoing payments to keep your listing visible.

    Websites cost money to develop, deploy, update, and host.

    Call Center and Support

    Paying someone to answer calls while you’re not available eats into your income as well. You don’t want to miss a call from a client that could have become an amazing repeat customer because you were too busy to answer the phone, and too cheap to pay someone to make sure the phone is ALWAYS answered.

    Screening and Security

    You need to know how to screen clients so you don’t end up in a bad situation. And more importantly, you need someone to call when you check in, so they know everything is ok. And if not, deploy security to make sure you are safe.


    You want to have the proper licensing and accounting to make sure you’re on the right side of the law and you don’t get in trouble with your taxes. If you decide to go independent, you must apply and be approved for an Escort License.

    You may also want to setup and LLC or Corporation to limit your liability in the event of an unforeseen occurrence. Your attorney and accountant can advise you on the best structure.

    An agency can handle all these headaches in advance, so you can get straight to making money.

    Peer Group

    And most importantly, when you’re on your own as and independent escort, that’s a very lonely exsitence. Who are you going to talk to about your troubles and concerns on the job? At an agency there are girls who do the same job, and even the phone girls have a shared experience.

    So if you need to destress, they’re more than happy to listen without having to worry their going to gossip all over town behind your back.

    Your mental health needs to be prioritized just like your physical and financial health.

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    Prioritizing safety and comfort for each encounter should be your top priority. If you feel uncomfortable at all, you should listen to your inner voice. Politely tell the client that you need to go and walk out. Don’t stick around, feeling bad. Don’t listen to the client’s attempts to assuage your fears.

    Have a Safety Plan

    While most clients are respectable gentlemen and couples, if you do find yourself in a compromised situation, you need to have a plan. 

    You should carry personal protection in the form of a personal alarm, pepper spray, or other non-lethal deterrent.

    While occurances of a client getting unruly are rare, you’ll be much more confident and at-ease, knowing that you’re prepared.

    If you work for a good agency, they have a check-in process. This let’s them know that you’re on site and everything is going well. If they don’t hear from you, or if you prompt them with the distress phrase, security will be summoned for your welfare immediately.



    What You Need

    Before you launch your career, you’ll need a few items in place.


    You want to arrive in style, so that you look the part. Most girls opt for luxury brands such as BMW, Mercedes, adn Porche. You’ll also see a fair amount of Escalades, Lexus, or various sports cars.

    You need to have a valid driver license. Many clients will refuse a booking if you show up with a driver.


    You’ll need a variety of outfits for various occasions. The most popular are:

    • Cocktail dress or semi formal evening ware for dinner, drinks, or a show
    • Swimwear for yachting, pool parties, and water sports
    • Sexy workout clothes, some clients may want you to participate in sports such as tennis or golf.

    As you gain clientele and esperience, you may want to add costumes to your wardrobe to suit your client’s tastes including:

    • Sexy secretary
    • Naughty maid
    • Sassy Schoolgirl
    • Cheerleader

    Use your imagination to create your own unique catalog and stand out from the crowd.


    You’ll need a few accesories to complete the package. Most girls will carry a medium to large sized purse or handbag that includes:

    • Change of clothes
    • Daily cosmetics
    • Toiletries
    • Wipes
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Phone charger
    • Self Defense item
    • Personal Items

    You never know when a short booking will turn into a multi-night affair, better to be prepared than lose out on a lucrative pay day. Most girls keep a small bag or suitcase in their vehicle containing enough clothes and personal effects to get them through the weekend.



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    Personality and Mental Health

    Most importantly, you need to have an honest conversation with yourself before you decide to become an escort.

    1) Are you a good listener?

    Your primary job is to shower the client with attention. They want to feel heard, important, and interesting. Checking your phone incessantly or staring off into space with a blank look on your face let the client know you’re not interested in them as a person. This type of behaviour rarely results in repeat bookings.

    Clients want to tell you about their life, their stuggles, and their problems. You need to be able to listen and provide encouragement.

    2) Can You Carry a Conversation?

    Many clients are shy, and need your positive energy and enthusiasm to break them out of their shell. If you can’t engage the customer, they won’t feel like their needs are being met.

    3) Are you Dependable?

    Showing up is a big part of the job. If you constantly flake and no show, your career will be very short. Punctuality also determines your success.

    4) How is Your Mental Health?

    If you’re not in a good place mentally, whether due to mental illness or an addiciton issue, escorting is not a good fit for you. You need to work on your own personal health first, then reconsider offering your services.

    Good escorts operate on a foundation of strength in all aspects of their life including mental, physical, spiritual, and financial health.

      Think You Have the Goods?

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