Brothels Close to Las Vegas

Quick Facts

  • Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, as the city is located in Clark County, which is too large to legally permit brothels.The legal brothels are located in smaller counties, and the closest are in Pahrump, NV.
  • Drive time to the closest brothels is 1 hour.
  • Girls will range from mediocre to gorgeous.
  • Rates vary but plan on spending at least $1000 to $1500 to have a good time.



Important note:

Don’t call up and ask “How much for ____?”

The only legal way to negotiate a rate for a sex act is in the personal room of the prostitute.

Each girl sets their own rates and boundaries. Demand also influences pricing. During slow times, like mid week, or during holidays, you may get a better rate.

The only way to know is to drive out there and talk to your chosen girl directly.

General Guidelines

Lower tier girls are going to run $600 or more for intercourse. The top tier girls, like the ones on the website you want, are going to cost several grand per hour, and may require a multi-hour minimum.

If you arrive with $1,000 to $2,000, your odds of booking a session with a fairly attractive girl are very good.

If your budget is under $500, you’re better off saving yourself the trip, as the only thing you’re going to get is blue balls.

Top Sex Workers Rates

Ariel is a top girl at the Chicken Ranch Brothel, commanding rates of $3,000 per hour or more

We spoke with Will, who runs the online presence at Chicken Ranch, about the rates for the top girls. He gave us a specific example. Ariel, who is featured on their site starts at $3,000 for an hour, and depending on your menu selection the rates go up from there.

Pornstar Rates

You’ll see brothels advertise famous pornstars in their lineups. Our experience is that the stars are always “booked up” when we arrive. Or maybe they were never there. In any case, if Ariel is charging 3 racks for an hour, you can expect to pay even more for famous talent.

If that’s your thing, book in advance so there’s no surpises when you arrive. While you can’t specify acts, you can book time, then negotiate the menu when you arrive.

Sex Menu

Keep in mind, each girl sets their own limits in regards to which acts they offer. Be open and honest up front at what you want so there’s no surprises for either party. Some acts cost more than others. Negotiate exactly what you want up front.

  • Blow job – Oral sex
  • Half and Half – Oral sex to start, intercourse finish
  • Intercourse – penetrative sex
  • Masturbation – Handjob
  • Happy ending massage – erotic massage
  • Titty fuck
  • Mutual Massage
  • Anal sex

Sex Themes

Any of the sex acts listed above can be included in part of a session that sets a theme. For example, maybe you want oral sex from a Naughty teacher, you’d select the Naughty Teacher theme and add on the acts you desire.

  • Role Play
    • GFE – Girlfriend experience
    • Naughty Teacher
    • Horny Massage Therapist
    • Lonely Housewife
    • Dominatrix
    • Sexy Librarian
  • Lingerie Show
  • Foot fetish
  • Crossdressing
  • Toy Show
  • BDSM session –  requires two workers for safety

Taboo Requests

There are limits that even the brothels and sex workers consider off limits. These include:

  • Rape fantasies
  • Incest
  • Asphixiation
  • Beastiality
  • Pedophilia

If you try to get clever and subtly hint, you’ll be ask to leave and may be black listed.

Best Brothels

You have two options, Sheri’s Ranch and the Chicken Ranch. Both have a robust roster of prostitutes, with Sheri’s lineup being the larger of the two.

Sheri’s Ranch

Sheri’s Ranch looks the most professional, and resembles a modest resort. Facilities include a pool, spa, VIP bungalows, multiple sex rooms, bar, and restuarant. There is a separate hotel next door for guests who cannot afford a VIP suite to spend the night.

NOTE: The girls cannot visit the hotel. They are only allowed to entertain guests in-house (including the VIP rooms and themed rooms.)

Last time we visited they had around 60 women in the lineup.

Chicken Ranch

The Chicken Ranch is a much more modest establishement. The buildings look like various mobile homes strewn together with narrow hallways. They do have a pool, bar, and deck, but we didn’t see any food offered. While not as glamorous as the competition, they have a decent lineup of girls, some of which are pretty good.

Sex Rooms

Sheri’s Ranch has the most themed sex rooms including:

  • BDSM Dungeon
  • Erotic Massage Spa
  • Hot Tub room
  • Shower room
  • Sexy Teacher Classroom

Chicken Ranch offers:

  • Erotic Massage room
  • Hot tub party
  • Shower Encounter

VIP Rooms

Both establishments offer themed VIP areas that cost extra, but include other amenities. These are upsells, that make the house more money. They may throw in free liquor to sweeten the pot. Just remember, the marathon session you’ve conjured up in your head may only last a few minutes. With post-nut clarity, you’ll realize you wasted a bunch of money and just want to go back to your room in Las Vegas.

Sheri’s Ranch VIP Bungalows

  • African Safari
  • Kinks of Camelot
  • Caesar’s Sex Suite
  • Persian Pleasure Palace
  • Acid Trip

Chicken Ranch VIP Rooms

  • Savanna Safari
  • Victorian Room
  • BDSM Sex Dungeon


The brothels have “free transportation” which means they have preferred rideshare guys in Las Vegas that will pick you up. The drivers get a cut of whatever you spend, so if you have personal transportation, use it. Otherwise you’ll be paying a little extra on the backend to fund the drivers.

Don’t expect luxury limos or SUVs you see working the strip clubs and casinos. Expect a high milage Prius or compact sedan that you see driving Uber and Lyft.

If you want high end transportation, you’re better off booking  your own limo or party bus.


There is another brothel 90 minutes north of Las Vegas, Alien Cathouse. If you’re visiting Area 51 and get horny, this is your spot. It’s not near as nice as Sheri’s Ranch or Chicken Ranch. But they do have a Alien Abduction themed room, so if you’ve ever wanted to get probed by an Alien, now you know where to go.

If you want to spend some quality time with a beatiful girl, you can always stay in the comfort of your own room and book one of our escorts.