General Rates

$200/hr up to $3,000/hr for the most expensive girls at the brothels.

Most escorts in town are going to range from a couple hundred bucks per hour to several grand. If you see a smoking hot girl on an agency site or directory profile, odds are that $200 is just the “get the party started” rate. Once she arrives, she’s going to get into the details of what kind of entertainement you want. Depending on the type of entertainment you want, she will negotiate additional fees.

Some times the base rate goes straight to the agency, but even independent escorts have hard costs they must cover such as: travel, phone service, answering service, and marketing costs.

If you want a model gorgeous girl, right now the going rate is around $800 per hour, with a 90 minute minimum for new clients.

If you want “girl-next-door cutie” that’s a 7 or 8, $600 is the current market rate. It used to be $400, but with inflation and interest rates raging, the market has adjusted.

For lower budgets below $600, the attractiveness will fall off rapidly, and your chances of flat out getting scammed or  rolled increase significantly. You’re better off trying to book an erotic massage in this price range.

Know the Market

If you’ve entertained escorts in other major cities, you may have a price range in mind that seems reasonable for a night of fun.

However, Las Vegas is a little unique due to the sheer number of high paying opportunities for attractive women. These opportunities increase the prices across the board.

These include:

Bottle Service Girl

This role is slightly different than a mere waitress. The Bottle Girls are the ones who bring out the muli-grand bottles for VIP Bottle service. They are usually accompanied by sparklers, noise makers, and other gimmicks to draw attention to the purchaser.

These girls can easily make $1K on a big bottle sale. They can easily rack up $10K in tips in a night at the right venue.

Strip Club Dancer

The top strippers can earn over a grand on a slow night. Or if they spend the evening entertaining high roller regulars, it’s not uncommon to rake in over $10,000 in a night.

They have the security of bouncers making sure they’re ok, expert bartenders to mix their drinks, and don’t have to drive all over town to make money.


Even in small towns, attractive female bartenders can make a fortune in tips. In Las Vegas you’ll find super hot females working in every type of venue, from small dive bars, all the way up to large corporate owned franchise bars.

These girls make a fortune mixing drinks and making small talk with their customers.

Atmosphere Models

Companies often employ hot girls to attend their trade show booths, after parties, and company outings. These girls can make over $100 per hour to stand around and be polite to prospects. Their food, drink, and travel is all comped, and they get to mingle with well connected people at many events.

What’s Right for You

Only you know your correct budget. Be sure to set limits, preferably sober, before the talent arrives. It can be easy to make financially unsound moves while intoxicated, whether from liquor or the charm of a beautiful woman!

Once you know your budget, you can confidently negotiate so that you’re not wasting your time, or hers.