Treat Your Girl Right

Knowing the intricacies of escort etiquette empowers you to act with confidence, knowing you’re presenting yourself as a desirable gentlemen and VIP client.

Living the VIP Life

The top escorts in Las Vegas won’t see just anyone. These girls are the elite talent in town and have very busy schedules. But if you know the rules and approach the process the right way, you can spend the night with one of these beauties.

Before You Call

You’re ready to book and you’ve got your phone out, take a second to make sure you’re ready.

Firstly, most escorts, even independent girls, don’t answer their own phones. They have a friend or a service handle all their bookings. So even though you’re excited with anticipation, keep the conversation strictly professional.

Date, time, place, and rate should be the four main topics. Keep the call brief. Don’t haggle over the rate, if it’s too high, just cancel the booking. The actual rate you’re going to pay is going to be determined when the girl shows up anyway, so trying to knock $50 of the initial fee just makes you look cheap.

Example conversation:

Booking Agent, “Hello, how can I help you?”

You, “Yes I’d like to book Gemma for two hours this Friday, say around 8pm. Is she available?”

Booking Agent, “Let me check her schedule… Yes that will work. And where will you be staying?”

You, “I’m staying at XYZ Hotel, Room 1234.”

Booking Agent, “And is this a good number to reach you if anything comes up?”

You, “Yes this is my mobile.”

Booking Agent, “Great, I have you set for 8pm Friday at XYZ Hotel Romm 1234 for two hours with Gemma is that correct?”

You, “Yes that’s correct.”

Booking Agent, “Great, thank you for your call and have a great day.” CLICK

Straight, to the point, that’s the key. The booking agents are handling calls all day and love it when clients are direct and to the point.

Just know, don’t call up and talk dirty or ask for sex, that’s illegal, and whoever is answering the phones will give you a warning (probably). Or they’ll hang up. If you persist, they’ll block your number. So don’t be a dip shit thinking your being smooth. Nobody is falling for it, except for the sting operations.


Before She Arrives

You want to take care of a few things before your escort arrives.

  1. Clean up. This means shower, shave, brushed teeth. Also means make sure your accomodations are in order. No dirty laundry laying on the floor and empty pizza boxes on the dresser. Make sure the bathroom is clean and tidy.
  2. Put on some stylish clothes. Use business casual as a bare minimum up to semi formal. If she shows up and you’re in your sweatpants and a baseball cap, good luck.
  3. Make sure there are some lights on. Girls aren’t going to be keen to step into a darkly lit hotel room the first time they meet you.
  4. If available, put on some low volume relaxing music to ease the tension.
  5. If you have plans for the night, such as a dinner or a show, confirm your reservations so there are no surprises at the door.
  6. If you plan to pay in cash, ensure you have extra in case you decide to extend your date.
Carmen, international jet setting escort

During Your Date


Keep the conversation light and fun. Focus on topics such as travel, hobbies, and interesting experiences. Avoid topics such as politics, religion, controversial current events. You’re supposed to be having fun, not worrying about things out of our control.

Show interest in your escort and ask her about her interests and travel experiences if you find yourself shy and short on words. Escorts know how to hold a conversation and will help you ease into it.

Also, be sure to treat service workers such as waitresses and bartenders with tact. You are presenting yourself as a gentleman, and berating staff who are doing their job works against your favor. If you receive good service, then tip well. Set the tone for how you treat others. Your escort is taking notice.

Those who are kind and generous often get what they want for less money because their company is a pleasure. Jerks pay top dollar for a less fullfilling encounter.

If Your Date is Going Well

Maybe you’re feeling things are going really well and there’s some sexual tension in the air, refrain from discussing your sexual prowess or asking probing personal questions. It’s unbecoming and will kill the mood for both of you.

Let Your Girl Take Control

If you’re even unsure what to do next, simply ask your escort, “What do you feel like doing now?” She’ll let you know and make sure you’re both having a great time. Don’t feel like you have to drag her to every landmark in town, she’s seen them all dozens of times. Let her show you a good time in Las Vegas, as she knows all the best spots.

Jessi with a client at a cocktail party

Earning VIP Status

If your date was above and beyond expectations, VIP clients often give their girl extra cash in the form of a tip to show their appreciation. If you plan to book with the same escort or agency in the future, your generosity will be remembered, and you’ll get priority if the schedule is full.

Elite escorts may also reduce their fees for longer bookings with repeat clients if they know they’re going to be treated well and have a good time. Don’t expect the VIP treatment up-front, you have to earn it.

If you’re booking a second date with a girl, consider getting a tasteful gift. Girls love expensive perfume,  high end hand bags, jewelry, and your generosity will gain you far more favor than the cash value of the gift. Just be sure to include a gift receipt in case your escort needs to exchange the item (for example, some perfumes may cause an allergic reaction.)

Most likey your date will showcase your gift during the date when appropriate. Girls love to be spoiled, and it’s an easy way to earn their attention.

Don’t ask for her number. Book again through the same number. When it’s time, she will give you her number willingly. Just be patient.

Ask Our Girls

We asked a few of our girls questions about their experiences so you can see firsthand how you act impacts your experience.

Q. “What client stands out most in your mind?”

A. “I had a two hour booking for a Friday night at Caesars a few months ago. When I showed up, the guy was decked out like he wanted to go clubbing. Had a wonderful dinner and hit it off immediately. He was kind, funny, and generous. We people watched for a bit and he kept making me laugh. It got breezy later in the evening and he gave me his jacket. I knew he was a gentleman. I’ve seen him many times since then, and it’s always just the best.”


A. “I showed up a little late and apologized profusely. The guy was so chill. We went to a rooftop bar at Delano and just chatted all night. He was low key, funny, and very nice. We had so much fun, I’ll never forget that one.”


Q. What are your favorite activities for a date?

A. “Any guy that can make me laugh is a good time. If you’re not funny, take me to a comedy show and let the pros do the hard work. We can laugh about it together later. That always sets the stage for a great date!”


A. “Depends on the client. If the guy seems super fun, generous, and carries himself well, I’m cool with just grabbing a bite or a drink and spending the night watching movies in the room. My favorite is when they have a suite where you can watch your favorite movies from a nice hot tub. That’s a great night for sure…”


A. “I love shopping. When a guy books a long session and takes me to Fashion Show Mall and let’s me buy a few nice things, that’s so hot. I make sure he has a good time and put him on my VIP list!”


Q. Do you have any horror stories or dates that went bad?

A. “Oh, when I show up and feel the vibes are off. Like guys being rude on the phone, or making negative comments and stuff. Your supposed to be having fun and the negative energy is so bad. I mean, if you’re not happy with me, I’ll happily leave. Be a man, don’t drag it out. Like some guys are never happy or just want to complain, that’s the worst. I want a date who’s fun!”


A. “I had a booth modeling gig with my girlfriend. We were supposed to host for several hours at a trade show.. Dinner with the client afterwards. The guy was nice and everything, but he didn’t spend money getting a prime booth location. We stood there for hours and very few people stopped by. He was frustrated.  Blamed us for lack of traffic. I mean, the booth was kinda low-cost, definitely not well done. Not sure what he was expecting? So we finished the show and dinner was a disaster. The guy was so cheap! We snuck the waitress some cash because he stiffed her on the tab. Needless to say the night didn’t go very well either…”


A. “Awhile ago I had a long booking and got excited. But he was kinda rude, saying he didn’t like my dress first thing when I showed up. Meanwhile he’s wearing some athleisure outfit that wasn’t exactly flattering. Weird. Anyway, he wants to hit the tables, so I’m thinking cool, maybe I can have a few chips to play. Nope. He sat there and blasted through several grand. I just watched. He never tipped the dealers or the cocktail waitress, and was overall unpleasant. It was awful, I felt so embarrased.”

– Anonymous


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