Ring in 2021 with Stunner

With 2020 coming to a close, you’ll want to celebrate in style. We’ll help ensure you have a good time.

Planning an itinerary to celebrate NYE in Las Vegas would be simple in a normal year: dinner, drinks, bottle service, dancing, and a champagne toast. 2020 is not a normal year!

Kimmi is the consummate Las Vegas party girl
Laura is a fun loving blonde escort in Las Vegas

Just so You Know…

The entertainment scene in Las Vegas is stuck in a sort of limo right now.

The strip clubs are open, kinda. Think bikini bar experience (with masks), expensive drinks, no dancers, and no lap dances. The night clubs will be open as well, but it won’t be the kind of frenetic dance party we all remember. 


If you want to celebrate the end of 2020 and bring in 2021 with style, you might consider hiring an escort to make sure the evening is one to remember. But you need to keep a few things in mind:


1. Plan Ahead

On New Year’s Eve, demand skyrockets for the top escorts in Las Vegas. If you wait until the last minute, the girl you want may be booked for the evening. It doesn’t cost you anything to make a reservation, just call and get booked.

Also, Las Vegas Boulevard is closed to vehicular traffic due to all the people celebrating on the street. If you’re dying for the company of a hot escort, and wait until the last minute, it will take her a LONG time to get to your hotel, as the Las Vegas strip is CLOSED. So there’s a lot of logistical challenges to getting to your room. Again , BOOK IN ADVANCE.


2. Budget Accordingly

Since demand is high on NYE, the escorts can book full nights at full price. Calling and trying to wheel and deal on a hour booking on New Years Eve isn’t going to get you anywhere. The phones are ringing off the hook, the hostess will probably put you on hold, while your dream girl is being booked on the other line.

You’re here to celebrate, right? Bust out the wallet and splurge a little bit, you survived 2020, you deserve it!

Also, make sure you have additional funds on hand in case you’re having an amazing time and want to extend your booking. There’s nothing worse than having the night of your life cut short for lack of cash flow.


3. Create an Experience

Sure you could just book an escort to come over for an hour to celebrate ringing in the New Year. But what’s even better is to make an evening out of it. There’s nothing sexier than a nice gourmet meal in the company of a stunning beauty. Followed by some dancing in an intimate lounge. Holding her hips, smelling her hair, feeling her body close to yours and you move to sultry music. Take a stroll on the strip, hand in hand, taking in the sights and meeting new people. Bring the party back to your suite, relaxing to your favorite music, and enjoying each others company. You’ll remember every detail years from now and have an experience to call to mind whenever you want to forget everything else going on in the world. Again, you survived 2020, celebrate it. You earned it!


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